LA Rams rumors: 2 rumored coaching hires are far more important than you know

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Reason I: Dave Ragone gets optimal production from his QBs

Dave Ragone was an offensive coordinator who oversaw the transition from veteran quarterback Matt Ryan to young rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder. Ridder was a quarterback who was selected in Round 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft with the 74th overall pick, and who started 15 games in 2023, completing 249 of 388 passes for 2,836 yards, 12 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. While that may not seem like anything to get excited about, the Falcons receiving corps was not exactly loaded with star talent.

While QB coach for the Chicago Bears, Ragone helped to coach then quarterback Mitch Trubisky to career heights in 2018, a year in which Trubisky passed 289 of 434 passes for 3,223 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. That same year, Trubisky rushed 68 times for 421 yards and three touchdowns. Trubisky has not enjoyed anywhere close to that level of NFL success since he has Ragone parted ways.

FYI, Mitch Trubisky is a free agent in 2024, and we will discuss how the Rams new link to Trubisky could solve the team's backup quarterback dilemma for 2024.

From this quick and dirty analysis, the Rams clearly have done their homework and appear to have done a remarkable job at filling vacancies on the coaching staff once more. Now, it's the slow boat to China waiting game as we must see how these new coaches may impact the Rams 2024 success, and future. Stay tuned . . .

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