LA Rams rumors ignite after COO Kevin Demoff talks Jalen Ramsey

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The best way to get the NFL rumor mill blazing is to stick a microphone in the face of an NFL executive and then ask him point blank to discuss the likelihood of that rumor taking place. It's almost always guaranteed to deliver great content. Either the executive denies adamantly, which can then be interpreted as the 'methinks thou doth protest too much,' in the subsequent write-up. Or the executive can play ignorant, which again opens the door to all sort of speculation. But the worst case scenario happens when the executive tries to talk around the subject, revealing nothing.

That was the path chosen by LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff when asked whether the LA Rams intended to trade All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey. You can see the response below, and if you read the narrative, perhaps you can glean why this messaging has given rise to renewed interest in those trade rumors.

The response seemed harmless enough, but it gave two clues that have been seized upon by Rams analysts, pundits, and bloggers. The first and obvious point is the simple fact that he never answered the question. In fact, he never got close to answering the question. When an NFL executives fails to answer a direct question in this manner, many interpret that evasiveness as an unofficial confirmation that something is in the pipeline.

Rams Rumors: A tense situation over use of tense

But even more damning then the evasiveness of his answer is the tense chosen by LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff. He does not talk about the future of the LA Rams and Jalen Ramsey together. He does not even discuss the present tense of the Rams defense with Jalen Ramsey leading the secondary. In his messaging, he deliberately chooses to say: ". . . could not be more grateful for Jalen for what he's done for the Rams leading this defense." That's past tense. And that's not by accident.

We have monitored the Rams rumors over trading Jalen Ramsey in the past. Over a month ago, they primarily involved the Detroit Lions and a trade scenario where Ramsey would help to jump start their defense. Because that rumor was so popular among Detroit Lions fans, other fans soon got into the act, proposing trading for veteran DB Jalen Ramsey to improve their own teams. While all of this was happening, there was a growing enclave of fans who believe that the Rams would benefit more by trading Jalen Ramsey now, before the 2023 NFL season.

Truth is, whatever those various trade scenarios were before, whether just fans wishful thinking or rumored negotiations, there is not denying that the rumors are gaining traction now. LA Rams executives are asked the questions at point blank range, and doing a terrible job at squelching them. Even the player, Jalen Ramsey, is aware of his name involved in LA Rams rumors.

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We had talked about the Rams rumors over Jalen Ramsey at length in our previous article. At that time, we pointed out the fact that if the team was looking for financial relief, perhaps the team ought to consider other options. But if the goal is to reset the defense, load up on the available young talent in the 2023 NFL Draft, and perhaps make the secondary both good and inexpensive going forward, then the LA Rams may be considering making a move this season, while Ramsey's still capable of attracting an offer that includes a first-round draft pick. Stay tuned, because this matter is not over by a long shot . . .