LA Rams Sean McVay remains NFL's youngest head coach

Sean McVay
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When the LA Rams hired former Washington Football team offensive coordinator Sean McVay to become their head coach, there was quiet a lot of buzz about the fact that he was about to become the youngest head coach in the history of the NFL. That was before the 2017 NFL season. Now here we are, about to enter the 2023 NFL season, McVay's seventh NFL season as the head coach of the LA Rams, and he remains the youngest head coach in the league.

Seven seasons later. It's almost mind boggling. He remains the youngest head coach in the NFL, even to this day:

That is both mind-boggling, and a bit perplexing. Mind boggling in the realization that even at 37 years of age, and now entering his seventh NFL season of head coaching, Sean McVay has yet to be joined among the ranks of NFL head coaches by a younger accomplished head coach. The metaphor each year that describes the NFL coaching firings and hirings at a 'coaching carousel,' is quite a descriptive term for the process. NFL teams seem to go round and round, but the hiring process is a bit circular.

Too much success too soon to fully appreciate it?

But the perplexing aspect of all of this is that, even as the youngest NFL head coach, Sean McVay needed time to ponder whether he wanted to do this again. There was hesitation, a bit of should-I-or-shouldn't-I debate that seemed to put McVay's NFL career and future at an unexpected cross-roads.

Was it the fact that he has climbed to the summit of the NFL, and is now ready for new challenges in his life? Or is it simply the fact that like a Rubik's Cube that can entertain most people for hourse, in the hands of a genius it's merely a matter of seconds before it becomes solved? Has Sean McVay been so successful in the NFL, that the grind of trying to restore this team to success has lost a bit of its luster?

Rams coaching staff already starting to shine

Whatever was the hesitation, I love what the LA Rams have been doing so far with the team's coaching staff. We already know that re-hiring DB coach Aubrey Pleasant is a huge win for the LA Rams. But perhaps lost in the shuffle is the fact that the Rams have added another DB coach superstar in the form of Jimmy Lake. How good might the Rams secondary with two coaches are are perenially at the top of the list for outstanding secondaries join forces for the Rams in 2023?

When it comes to the all-important offensive line coach, the Rams have added another pair of intriguing coaches. with former New England Patriots OL and former Buffalo Bills Assistant OL Coach Ryan Wendell to lead the unit. An all important fact that not many are picking up on is the fact that Wendell worked with former LA Rams OL Coach Aaron Kromer in 2022. And to make it even more intriguing, the Rams are promoting Zac Kromer, Aaron Kromer's son, to the vacant Assistant OL Coach role. If you wanted the Rams to return to the offensive line style of their earlier versions, I think you will be tickled with this new direction that the team is taking.

With the hiring of both Aubrey Pleasant and Jimmy Lake, the Rams entire defense feels like it is already trending in the right direction. They will be tasked with making the Rams secondary respectable once more, and I believe they will exceed expectations.

dark. Next. Looks like Panthers hired their OC, and it will be LA Rams Thomas Brown

Perhaps in the end, the hesitation experienced by Sean McVay before committing to return for the 2023 NFL season was more about gathering his thoughts and clarifying the route back to the top of the NFL in his mind. From all indications at this early juncture, the LA Rams are well on their way to doing exactly that.