LA Rams shocking reunion, and 3 reasons to love it

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Reason I: RB Coach Ron Gould has to be the mastermind for this one

Amidst all of the chatter and talk about a new focus for the LA Rams, there have been any number of occasions where that has been the case, even since the hiring of head coach Sean McVay. We've heard in the past about the incredible upside of rookies who never seem to see the football field when the regular season starts. We have heard about the commitment to the running game, and then sadly slumped our shoulders when the offense passed 45 times and ran 12 times.

So it's quite understandable that with the hiring of new Offensive Coordinator Mike LaFleur, Offensive Line Coach Ryan Wendell, and Running Back Coach Ron Gould, that the bold proclamations of the Rams aiming for a balanced offense, a stronger and more physical offensive line of scrimmage, and a more determined and unstoppable rushing attack was met with skepticism.

While the jury is still out on how competitive the LA Rams will be in the 2023 NFL season, this latest addition to the Rams roster confirms my suspicions. The Rams are not of the same mindset as before. This is a team that I believe does want to be more physical, wants to run harder, block more savagely, and deliver on the ground to pave the road for a far more effective aerial assault.

Gould sees a golden opportunity in Sony Michel

We all know that the bread-and-butter of RB Sony Michel is is north-south approach to the running game. He does not dance around, weave to one sideline only to turn and run to the other. He is a running back who takes the football, heads for the hole, and punishes any defender foolish enough to get in his way.

Over the final six games of the 2021 NFL season, Michel averaged 21.5 carries for 90 yards and 0.5 touchdowns. He also averaged 1.6 receptions for 11 yards per game. Over 100 yards of offense, per game, for less than $120,000 per game.

The Rams are bring back Sony Michel for more than insurance. While the latest Rams rumors are that this is a one-year deal, it delivers on a number of fronts. For starters, it raises the bar in the running back room. It also puts tremendous pressure on Ronnie Rivers, Kyren Williams, and rookie RB Zach Evans to deliver. Most of all, it sends a clear message to RB Cam Akers that even his presumed featured running back role is not safe.

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I really like this acquisition. Not just for the fact that Sony Michel is back on the LA Rams roster. But what his return says about the mindset of the Rams offense heading into the 2023 NFL season.