LA Rams should look at 2023 NFL Draft as two different chapters

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If you look at the LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft, you will be pleased to note that the team has 11 draft picks this year. But not all draft picks are created equally. In the Rams draft, not even draft days are created equally. And that could pose a challenge if the Rams are not prepared for the differences in their two draft days. You see, the LA Rams only participate in Day 2 and Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Perhaps It would make more sense if I explain the matter this way. The LA Rams will make three selections on Day 2 across the span of some 70 or so draft picks. The Rams, while not exactly evenly spaced out, will average 1 pick per every 20 or so rookies selected. That will be during the slower-paced portion of the draft when teams will have seven minutes to make their picks in Round 2 while having five minutes to make their selections in Round 3.

Then the Rams will return and sit out what is nearly the first half of Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft. When the Rams finally do step up to the podium for the first time in Round 5, 90 selections will have been made. NFL teams will still have up to five minutes to make their selections through Rounds 4,5 and 6 on Day 3. But on the seventh and final round of the 2023 NFL Draft, teams will have not more than four minutes to make their selection. The Rams will be making their final eight picks at approximately one pick out of every 8.4 picks made.

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Rams Draft pick distribution

I have the LA Rams picks displayed in the table below:

  • Round Pick
  • Round 2  36th Overall
  • Round 3  69th Overall
  • Round 3  77th overall (via Dolphins)
  • HUGE GAP (90 picks) leading to the lightning round
  • Round 5  167th overall (comp pick)
  • Round 5  171st overall (comp pick)
  • Round 5  177th overall (comp pick)
  • Round 6  182nd overall
  • Round 6  189th overall (via Titans)
  • Round 6  191st overall (via Packer)
  • Round 7  223rd overall
  • Round 7  234th overall (via Steelers)
  • Round 7  Traded 251st overall (comp pick) to Pittsburgh Steelers

The LA Rams could end up with four or five players who are worthy of starting in the NFL as rookies. But the team will be hard pressed to find those diamonds with so many picks so late in this draft. As such, the Rams will likely batch select key positions that need a bit of depth for training camp on Day 3.

The LA Rams Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft will be quite chaotic. Not only will eight rookies hear their names called out to join the LA Rams football team, but as soon as the draft ends, the Rams will be signing nearly the final two-fifths of their roster.

That will be a lot of players to identify, name, and quickly analyze. Truthfully, the Rams draft is both exciting and terrifying, because the amount of news and names associated with the Rams will be very challenging to keep pace with.

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It all begins for the NFL in just over 48 hours, and for the LA Rams in just over 72 hours. Stay tuned . . .