LA Rams snubbed, boasting just 2 Fantasy Football players in Top 100

Cooper Kupp, Cam Akers,
Cooper Kupp, Cam Akers, / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

When the LA Rams made the decision to reset their roster for the 2023 NFL season, it was clear that the team had painted itself into a corner with lofty financial commitments to players, but underwhelming and unsustainable results. Of course, much of that disappointment can be directly or indirectly attributable to the overwhelming number of injuries suffered by Rams players in 2022.

But that was then, this is now. Unless the same number of injuries occur in 2023, the LA Rams roster should be back in full force for the 2023 NFL season, correct? Well, that is not how The Game Day Senior Sports Writer Frank Ammirante views the offensive potential in the LA Rams roster currently.

In his latest Fantasy Football Top 100 Rankings 2023 article published on April 4, 2023, Ammirante lists just two of the Top 100 NFL Fantasy Football players from the LA Rams. That is a bit alarming, as the Rams have shared that their intentions are to revitalize the team's offense for the 2023 NFL season. Per his FF rankings, Frank Ammirante remains skeptical.

The two LA Rams players who did make the Top 100 FF players come with one surprise. WR Cooper Kupp is ranked 10th in the list. Kupp is returning from injury suffered in 2022, and should return to his NFL leading spot in offensive production.

Several Rams shockingly did not make the cut

While you might expect the Rams to boast QB Matthew Stafford among the Top 100, that is not the case. The other Rams player to appear in the Top 100 list is running Cam Akers, who shows up as the 69th ranked player on the list.

Several players who I am surprised to not find on that list start, of course, with Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. That is even more surprising as he does list Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, and Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson.

I am also a bit amazed not to see tight end Tyler Higbee on the list either. In the realm of tight ends, he lists nine and ranks New York Giants TE Darren Waller and Atlanta Falcons TE Kyle Pitts, while omitting Higbee. Waller had just 28 catches for 388 yards in 2022. Pitts had just 28 catches for 356 yards. For comparison purposes, Higbee had 72 catches for 620 yards in 2022.

Surprisingly, the LA Rams did not have another wide receiver in the list either. Rams WR Van Jefferson had an injury shortened season, but manage to put up 802 yards and six touchdowns in 2021. That should be the norm in a healthy season for 2023. Likewise wide receiver Allens Robinson, whose future remains a mystery, has the potential to put up over 1000 yards if he remains healthy in 2023. Neither appears on the list.

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Of course, Fantasy Football projections are all speculation and guesswork at this early stage, so rankings are subjective. Still, in at least one instance, a vote has been cast on the LA Rams potential to reassemble a potent NFL offense for 2023. And that vote is one of no confidence.