LA Rams special teams have nowhere to go but up in 2024, and they will.

LA Rams ST Coordinator Chase Blackburn
LA Rams ST Coordinator Chase Blackburn / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Do we really know what made the Rams special teams so bad in 2023?

Researching contributing factors is not an easy skillset to attain. retain, or master. Many fans simply read headlines and stop there. While that allows far more opportunity to share opinions, it doesn't really afford an author a fair and objective opportunity to make his or her case. I learn every day, and try to apply that newfound data in articles to share with readers.

The LA Rams special teams were not very special in 2023. I'm sure many have read evidence that cited the Rams' special team was ranked 'dead last" by such sites as FTN Fantasy (a fantasy football site that provides tools and metrics for fantasy football GMs to use in rostering their team). However, the metric used to measure that abysmal performance is a proprietary measurement DVOA or Defense-adjusted Value Over Average. What goes into that formula? It's a bit like the secret herbs and spices for Kentucky Fried Chicken, or the recipe for Ragu spaghetti sauce. You simply have to trust the creator's insight into the measurement and trust its comparative value.

And for those fans participating in Fantasy Football, that is all they they need to be effective at setting up a Fantasy Football team lineup.

As we have witnessed if you have gotten this far, special team rankings look at different things. measure different things, and measure those things in different ways. Some sites measure all statistics with equal weight, while other sites attempt to weigh more recent statistics to give a more contemporal assessment of the team. The challenge is that many do not do the extra leg work to understand which site uses which methods. Even worse, many ignore those differences whenever explained in deep dive articles such as this one.