LA Rams strategy is coming together: Assemble a roster of 'tough guys'

The LA Rams had been more finesse than tough guys in the past. But the 2023 LA Rams roster is bursting with burly bouncer-type of players
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages

Even after six games, do LA Rams fans know what the plan is this season? Well, we know that this young Rams roster has some fight in them, that's for sure. And that battling spirit is starting to spread up and down this LA Rams roster. This is a team that transformed from "Run it back!" to Run it again, a transformation that appears like regression but is actually a cohesive upgrade.

Even players who have been on the team in the past have bought into what the Rams are trying to do this season and the way that this team intends to do it. While it hasn't happened instantly, the LA Rams organization is discovering what it means to be a more physical team.

You don't compete in a downhill slalom event in skiing with boxers. You don't try to win track meets with wrestlers. So what about the LA Rams strategy seemed to enlist big physical players for a cerbral-challenging play calling. This is a Rams team that, much like the truck of the same name, is built Rams tough.

"What we're looking for as a Rams player"

You can find them almost everywhere on the Rams roster now that you know what you are looking for. Those players who are mentally-tough. Guys who really don't give a rip when they were drafted, simply need to get onto a football field and hit somebody, make football plays, and compete honestly until the final whistle sounds.

Players who succeed in the LA Rams organization possess those qualities. QB Mathtew Stafford and WR Cooper Kupp instantly come to mind on offense. DT Aaron Donald comes to mind on defense. But the Rams have found many other young players who embody those same qualities:

Just look at the LA Rams rookie class of 2023 and consider how many starters and vital rotational players have already surfaced from those 14 NFL rookies. In a good year, there are two or three rookies who start. The LA Rams have many more than that already in just six games, and the number is growing all the time.

Rookie running back Zach Evans appears to be on-track for his first NFL start. I think he will be a pleasant surprise for Rams fans who are eager to continue the Rams success at running the football.

The Rams are not a gimmicky or cliche-ridden team right now. This is truly a team built on tough guys who feel very much like a throw-back to old-school smash mouth football. While I don't believe that Rams HC Sean McVay is quite there yet, give him time. In all honesty, I don't knowt he has every coached a team like this be