LA Rams' struggles on the road will end in Week 17 versus the New York Giants

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
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12/10, Loss at Baltimore

The walk-off punt return took the soul of many Rams fans, including myself. Baltimore's Tylan Wallace took a punt 76 yards for a touchdown in overtime to beat the Rams 37-31 in Week 14. If you've been a fan of the Rams, this could have reminded you of the famous Thursday Night contest against the Chiefs in 2018, just a little fewer points.

The Rams also came out on the wrong end of this game. Matthew Stafford showed he's still a top-level quarterback, throwing for 294 yards and three touchdowns against one of the league's best defenses. Kyren Williams ran for 114 yards, and Cooper Kupp had 115 receiving yards. The Rams offense was rolling in Baltimore.

The defense had a tough assignment against the Ravens, QB Lamar Jackson. He's one of the top athletes in the NFL and can still beat you through the air. He attacked the Rams' defense in both ways, passing for 316 yards with three touchdowns and rushing for 70 yards. An old friend beat up on the Rams' secondary, WR Odell Bechkham Jr., who totaled 97 yards and a touchdown.

There were a few blown coverages in the secondary, notably by CB Derion Kendrick. In Week 15, Kendrick was benched for CB Cobie Durant. Take out a missed assignment in the secondary, and the Rams could've won the game. Instead, Los Angeles left Baltimore with the loss.