LA Rams stumbled into a dominating duo in 2023 NFL Draft

Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, Byron Young, Los Angeles Rams
Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, Byron Young, Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages
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Rams rookies are better than you may think

Yes, the Detroit Lions had a good game plan against the LA Rams in the 2024 NFL Playoffs. But would they be equally successful if the Rams had a second game against them? I don't believe that they would be nearly as effective. And just for the record, the Rams were able to sack Lions quarterback Jared Goff three times, while the Lions were only able to get to Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford twice.

The difference in the optics in the game over the perception versus the reality is that when the Lions defenders got to Stafford, he was tossed around, stomped, hand-smashed, and other forms of violence that made the Lions defenders appear far more effective during the game. But hold on, help is on the way.

The LA Rams have a pair of rookies on their roster who know how to get after the quarterback. They are outside linebacker Byron Young and nose tackle Kobie Turner. Behind them are other rookies who are developing their own pass-rushing skills and techniques to earn a greater rotational role for the Rams defensive front in 2024.

Excluding Aaron Donald's 8.0 quarterback sacks, the Rams were able to generate 33.0 quarterback sacks from players who were playing on rookie contracts in 2023. That means that the Rams' defense is filled with young players who can get after a quarterback now. And it also means that the LA Rams can get even better production from their young pass rushers in 2024.