LA Rams suffer from too many Sean McVay offenses in the NFL right now

The LA Rams offense remains in the bottom half of the NFL, and suffers from too many Sean McVay offenses in the NFL right now

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Falling in and out of love with too many players

Perhaps one of the most concerning recent trends for the LA Rams is the way that the team appears to rapidly fall in and out of love with the players on the Rams roster. I understand the fact that circumstances can change, and a player who may not have been a fit for what the LA Rams wanted to do in the past may be ideally suited for what the Rams want to do now.

But the Rams front office is taking it all to the extreme right now. When the Rams re-signed former Rams RB Darrell Henderson Jr., the team continued an alarming practice of reuniting with players who were deemed expendable in the recent past. Such as who? In the past two seasons, the list has been somewhat extensive:

  1. RB Malcolm Brown
  2. DB Troy Hill
  3. RB Sony Michel
  4. DB John Johnson III
  5. RB Darrell Henderson Jr.
  6. QB John Wolford (Wolford rejected the Rams offer)

Have the Rams become too rigid?

The concern is not so much why the Rams found it necessary to reunite with former players, but the overall decision making process that drove the Rams to a decision to part with them in the first place. After all, not one of the players in the above list set the world on fire with their new teams in the interim before returning to the Rams. So that is evidence that the Rams guessed correctly, and that the players were seeking an overpriced contract to play.

But if the Rams were content to let them seek their fortunes elsewhere, why the interest in reuniting? There continues to be new talent added to the NFL each season. Both veteran and rookie players enter the NFL Free Agency market in hopes of catching on with a new team. So what is it about the Rams that compels the team to stick with the tried and true?

The overwhelming reason for the Rams to sign familiar players is the rapidity at which they can crash-course the Rams' latest playbook to contribute. But it's that familiarity that may be locking the Rams into a vicious cycle of repeating the same ole strategy that leads to nowhere. The Rams have begun to evolve once more, getting bigger offensive linemen, running backs, and more physical blocking tight ends.

After the BYE, the Rams need to harness more physicality and bake that into their offensive playbook. Unless this Rams offense changes once more, the Rams will remain too predictable to compete in postseason.