LA Rams to NFL Waiver Wire: Nah, Bro. We're good to go

 Les Snead Los Angeles Rams
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While the LA Rams had preferential treatment when it came to shopping the NFL Waiver Wire, that preferential treatment only kicked in if the Rams chose to shop the waiver wire. To my mild surprise, they opted not to do so. In fact, the surprise was not just limited to no claims being filed to add others waived players:

But the LA Rams front office decided that the team was good as is... Was that a mistake?

The 2023 NFL season is a tricky time period to forecast for the LA Rams. It's not exactly a season of tanking. And it's not exactly a season of competing for a high seed in the upcoming NFL Playoffs either. It's somewhere in the lane of "Let's see how well this group of guys can play?" sort of season. And that truly depends on health, patience, and a commitment to improve each week.

In the NFL, it's not how you start the season, but how you end it. That should align nicely with the LA Rams, a team that has practically wiped the slate clean from their 2022 season starters on defense. With so many young players seeing live NFL action for their first time, this will undoubtedly be a very up and down ride this season.

Rams show confidence in this young roster

Still, why didn't the Rams use their most effective roster-building tool, the NFL Waiver Wire? They certainly had reason to do so. The LA Rams roster will need time to gel, and young players will need time to experience both successes and failures on the football field. Is that the main priority that overrides all other objectives for the Rams roster this season?

This Rams team will have highlight video moments, as well as bury your face in your hands in despair moments. This is not the 2021 Rams roster, and nobody should hold this group of young men to that standarrd. It's a team that will learn the hard way, which means a sympathetic shoulder on tough days, and enthusiastic support in victorious moments and wins.

When the LA Rams did not take advantage of the NFL Waiver Wire at the final roster cuts, the front office was not throwing in the towel. It was simply that first test of confidence. Telling the NFL "Nah, Bro. We're good to go," was the first opportunity for the team to exhibit confidence in their young players.

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Now, let's see who earns that trust and confidence.