LA Rams waive promising running back before training camp gets underway

NFL Combine Tiyon Evans
NFL Combine Tiyon Evans / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

If you are wondering how the LA Rams rookies are making out, well . . .
you may not like this one.

The LA Rams are sorting through an unprecedented number of rookies this year, as many as 40, and that means that when the 2023 NFL season begins, the Rams will certainly depend on rookies to man key rotational roles, and perhaps even start for the team. And right now, as offseason workouts continue, it's up to the LA Rams coaching staff to determine which rookies make the grade.

Unfortunately, the Rams have decided that a second rookie does not have what it takes to make the Rams roster, and have acted swiftly to part ways with him. Of course, the Rams are expected to tweak the roster throughout the summer, as the number of rookies added will certainly not meet with a 100 percent success rate. In mid-May, the team parted ways with three rookies:

The Rams did end up re-signing WR Tyler Hudson and DB Jaiden Woodbey, leaving just LB Matthew Jester as the lone player waived at that time. The second release is no less of a surprise, as it involves a rather promising running back out of Louisville, RB Tiyon Evans.

Tiyon Evans was a polarizing prospect, a 5-foot-11 and 210-pound juggernaut that could pile up the yards, but had a nasty habit of losing the handle on the football.

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Will Rams seek more running back help?

Parting ways with a rookie running back this early is not a promising sign for Tiyon Evans, but it does enhance the chances for the remaining running backs on the LA Rams roster to make the initial 53-man roster. Even further, this move will elevate the work for each running back throughout training camp and into the preseason.

The question is, does that mean a positive or a negative impact for the Rams roster? After all, this decision was based on performance, and not on the need to free up roster slots. Even if the Rams find the funds to sign all of their 14 drafted rookies, that will only take the team to 86 players.

Evans was projected as a Day 3 rookie prospect, and his release this early is mildly surprising. Do the LA Rams have a replacement player in mind already? Perhaps the NFL Waiver Wire has a player who intrigues the Rams front office more? The Buffalo Bills recently waived UCF RB Isaiah Bowser, who is a 6-foot-0 225-pound bruiser who was released to make room for former Rams OLB Leonard Floyd.

Another potential CFA RB who was recently waived is former Indianapolis Colts RB Darius Hagans, another big-bodied running back who stands 6-foot-0 and weighs 209 pounds. The intriguing quality about Hagans is that he offers an option to compete for a kick returner role as he works to establish himself in the offensive rotation.

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Of course, the Rams may simply have cleared the way for now, with no intention of adding a player too quickly to fill that vacated slot. I thought that RB Tiyon Evans had a shot to make an impact for the Rams this season. Clearly, that proved not to be the case.