Latest addition to Rams coaching staff gives defense link to key pass rusher

Chicago Bears Training Camp, Sean Desai, Khalil Mack
Chicago Bears Training Camp, Sean Desai, Khalil Mack / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The LA Rams recently announced their new coaching hires for the 2024 NFL season, but there is always room for more. In the case of the Rams defensive coaching staff, the team is making room for one more. Per ESPN NFL Insider Jeremy Fowler, the team has reportedly reached an agreement to bring on former Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Sean Desai in senior defensive role.

Assuming that these Rams rumors are true, what can we tell you about Sean Desai?

For starters, Sean Desai has 11 years of coaching experience in the NFL, and seven more years of coaching in college football before that. In the past three seasons, he has worked for the Chicago Bears (defensive coordinator), Seattle Seahawks (associate head coach - defense), and Philadelphia Eagles (defensive coordinator). Based on that information alone, I could see him filling the role vacated by former Assistant Head Coach Jimmy Lake.

So what about Sean Desai should warm the cockles of Rams fans' hearts? Well, actually there is a lot of great reasons to appreciate and feel good about this hire. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • He considers his primary responsibility to be that of a teacher. Sean Desai possesses a Ph.D. from Temple University and held an official position as an adjunct professor at Lake Forest College. We know that one of the demands of coaches on staff is the ability to coach, develop young players, and communicate. Coach (or is it Doctor?) Sean Desai buries the needle in all categories.
  • He hails from the Vic Fangio defensive tree. One of the key factors to his landing the defensive coordinator position with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023 is his background in the defensive philosophy of Vic Fangio, whose trademark is disguising coverages. Desai hold a reputation among NFL coaching circles as a defensive coach who is very adaptable on defense. That results in his defenses offering more alignments and disguised coverages that many of his contemporaries.
  • He helped to re-establish the Seahawks defense in 2022. When he was associated with the Seahawks in 2022, their defense performed very well. It ranked fourth in forced fumbles (15), seventh in sacks (45), eighth in takeaways (25), and 10th in completion percentage for opposing quarterbacks (62.7%). The LA Rams defense certainly seeks to improve in all of these categories in 2024.
  • He has strong ties to projected OLB Khalil Mack. If the LA Rams are set on bolstering their pass rush, then the possibility of trading for Los Angeles Chargers outside linebacker Khalil Mack has to be one of the Rams' options. There is a strong belief that Mack could be traded by the Chargers to clear cap space for new HC John Harbaugh, but that may be a bit murkier with the availability of Philadelphia Eagles Haason Reddick on the trade market. But even in current conditions, Khalil Mack lives in Los Angeles, California. The Rams are in the NFC, which makes them an ideal trade partner for the AFC Chargers. And now there is a strong history of Desai working closely with Mack when they were both with the Chicago Bears.

What does this mean for the team this offseason? The Rams coaching staff adds another coach whose ability to mentor, teach, and communicate is enviable. Best of all, the Rams continue to add to the strength and variety of an already-impressive coaching staff.

I love this hire. It adds another respected coach to the staff, expands the depth of knowledge and experience available to guide and manage the team throughout the 2024 NFL season, and reinforces the ability of the team to disguise coverages in the secondary.

In the end, what's not to love?