Latest B/R blockbuster trade proposal puts Rams in NFC West driver seat

GM Les Snead,  Los Angeles Rams
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The Trade

Don't set expectations very high for some thought-provoking and insightful speculation in this proposal. Davenport falls back to the common cliche' narrative of the LA Rams front office spending Round 1 picks 'just because,' they have them. While the aspect of acquiring an elite wide receiver can be a significant development, the price of acquiring star wide receivers in terms of packaged picks in return has fallen dramatically.

The Denver Broncos traded young promising WR Jerry Jeudy to the Cleveland Browns for a pair of 2024 NFL Draft picks: Rounds 5 and 6. The Buffalo Bills traded star WR Stefon Diggs, plus a 2024 NFL Draft pick in Round 6, plus a 2025 NFL Draft pick in Round 5, and got a 2025 NFL Draft pick in Round 2 in exchange. (Keep in mind that the Rams tossed in a Round 2 pick into the mix to trade up from the 52nd overall to the 39th overall pick to select DT Braden Fiske).

In short, the trade value for wide receivers is falling like a rock.

In the Bleacher report trade, it's a rather simplistic exchange with no conditions. Simply a pick for a player, and it looks like this:

  • Rams Get: WR Davante Adams
  • Raiders Get: 2025 Round 1 Pick

In a more visual graphic, the trade looks like this:

Rams trade for Davante Adams

Okay, so in this trade scenario, the results are pretty simple to follow. The Rams get a 31-year-old NFL wide receiver who has been a consistently effective performer and a three-time All-Pro receiver. And with the team's commitment to veteran QB Matthew Stafford, the addition of Adams to a receiving corps that includes All-Pro Cooper Kupp and second-year sensation WR Puka Nacua would make the Rams favored to win the NFC West Division.

The thing is, does this trade proposal make a lot of sense for either team? What urgent need does a veteran player like Adams fill on the Rams roster? Before taking a single snap in 2024, are the Raiders already surrendering to a complete rebuild, like trading their top offensive weapon would suggest? This simple trade has a lot to unpack. So let's get right to it.