Latest B/R blockbuster trade proposal puts Rams in NFC West driver seat

GM Les Snead,  Los Angeles Rams
GM Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams / John McCoy/GettyImages
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Why the Raiders veto this trade

The recent history of the Las Vegas Raiders in terms of trading their star wide receiver Davante Adams has been loaded with NFL Rumors, and all of those whispered trade scenarios have been shot down. As soon as the New York Jets acquired veteran QB Aaron Rodgers, the rumor mill instantly churned out reports linking Davante Adams to the Jets and his former Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Per NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, the New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers have pushed hard to trade for Davante Adams, but the Raiders have refused to budge on any trade that involves Adams:

A trade like this is simply changing the other team involved in the trade scenario, and trying again. If a very motivated Jets team failed to do so two years in a row, what would make them budge on the matter to approve a trade to the Rams?

Why the Raiders push for this trade

The only way the Las Vegas Raiders would suddenly do an about face is a matter of two alternative ways: Does the Rams offer of a Round 1 pick in the 2025 NFL Draft blows them away? If so, then the Raiders would be foolish not to consider the offer. After all, everybody has their price. When the Rams approached the Denver Broncos about trading away OLB Von Miller, they accepted in the belief that it was time to move on.

How many years can the Raiders truly expect out of their 31-year-old veteran receiver?

Of course, an alternative reason for pushing for this trade proposal is regrets after the 2024 NFL Draft and 2024 NFL Free Agency market. The Raiders have set up competition at the quarterback position between veteran journeyman QB Gardner Minshew and 2024 rookie QB Aiden O'Connell. But neither player inspires visions of NFL Playoffs.

With another quality rookie class of quarterbacks about to enter the NFL via the 2025 NFL Draft, the Raiders could view 2024 as a season to put rookies through their paces, risk losing some games, and set the team up for a much stronger rebound in 2025. If that is the case, then a trade of Davante Adams would certainly be a correct Step one to taking that course of action.