Latest LA Rams Mock Draft plays the numbers game to address vital needs

2024 NFL Draft
2024 NFL Draft / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Summing it all up

While the outcome of the draft may not have addressed every roster position, the Rams front office did address a wide assortment of positions that reinforce the Rams roster in their primary positions, but also have the secondary potential to aid special teams as well.

While the team does not add a wide receiver in this mock draft, the team does pick up two very promising tight ends. And the rookie class is so deep at the wide receiver position that there could be contributing players added after the draft as well.

Offense (4)

  • Two tight ends
  • One quarterback
  • One running back

Defense (8)

  • Three defensive backs
  • One defensive lineman
  • Three edge rushers
  • One linebacker

Special Teams (1)

  • One kicker

The team enters the draft with 11 picks and emerges with 13 rookies. That's a huge haul for the LA Rams rookie class of 2024, and many of these prospects have an ideal fit, plenty of football passion, and solid potential to start or contribute this year.

While it does not address nor 'fix' everything, no single draft should be expected to do so. Best of all, this rookie class not only bolsters the offense and defense, but does a fine job of shoring up the ranks on special teams as well.

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