Latest LA Rams Mock Draft plays the numbers game to address vital needs

2024 NFL Draft
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Round 5: With the 153rd pick - Trade

With two successive picks in Round five, the LA Rams accept a trade with the New Orleans Saints for picks 169 and 189. that gives the team an additional pick, plus ensure that the team can select a player they want at this point in the NFL Draft

Round 5: With the 154th pick

The LA Rams select Edge Jalyx Hunt, Houston Christian. Sometimes, the more the merrier. For the LA Rams edge position, more competition makes new Defensive Coordinator Chros Shula ecstatic. He knows that the team needs help at getting after opposing quarterbacks. Small school prospect Jalyx Hunt may not be a household name, but he bring a big standard of play and production to the team.

Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 252 pounds, Hunt is another long-limbed pass rusher who can add a unique and highly covetted dimension to the Rams defense. You see, Hunt is a former safety who simply outgrew the position. But as such, he brings tremendous coverage skills to the outside linebacker role.

His size is only a sample of the treats that Jalyx Hunt brings. He is surprisingly stout in run defense but possesses Kobie Turner-like agility at shooting gaps and making tackles for a loss or even sacking opposing quarterbacks. When targeted, quarterback ratings fell to 42.9. That's elite stuff.

His presence allows the Rams to turn OLB Byron Young loose on the quarterback. I think he is a steal here.