Latest LA Rams Mock Draft plays the numbers game to address vital needs

2024 NFL Draft
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Round 5: With the 169th pick (from Saints)

The LA Rams select DL/Edge Justin Eboigbe, Alabama. While the NFL has learned to adapt to hybrid-type players, they have not seen a player quite like this yet.

Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 297 pounds, you might think that Justin Eboigbe is simply a typical defensive lineman. But he isn't, which makes him so challenging and yet so promising at the same time. You see, he is avery athletic for his size, and that allows him to do things that he should not be able to do. Much like NT Kobie Turner, he can handle the job at nose tackle despite his size, because he is powerful and agile enough to get the advantage at first contact.

He pushes offensive lineman back when he cranks up his bull rush, and that could persuade quarterbacks to panic and rush into Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, or even Byron Young. He is a true #DAWGWORK disciple, a player who simply works hard with each drill, expecting the results to show up on game day. And they do. Justin Eboigbe may not pop on every NFL team's radar, but thanks to the success of Turner in 2023, the Rams will love adding him.

Round 6: With the 189th pick - (from Saints)

The LA Rams select QB Joe Milton, Tennessee. After debating and deliberating over who would be the Rams' backup quarterback, did the team find their hurler of the future? Perhaps. So why would the team select the 6-foot-5, 235-pound quarterback prospect out of Tennessee if he is not a certain NFL starting quarterback?

Joe Milton simply does things that no other quarterback in this rookie class can do. And he is an ideal size for durability at the position. Yes, he has weaknesses, but those are all coachable. Best of all, Joe Milton needs to sit behind a veteran quarterback, be mentored, and be coached up into a successful NFL starting quarterback.

Joe Milton makes too much sense for the team in Round 6, and could be tremendous value here. The team needs a big bodied hurler who can cover the backup quarterback position for the next few years. Millton can not only do that, but over time, he could be one of the best quarterbacks from the 2024 NFL Draft class.