Lions bar banning Stafford jerseys, but can't bar Stafford from Ford Field

Los Angeles Rams. Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams. Matthew Stafford / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages

The crazy zany mindset of the 2024 NFL Playoffs has hit the city of Detroit, Michigan. While we can all get a chuckle over their reaction to facing former quarterback Matthew Stafford. But I'm willing to give them a break. This is their first playoff game at Ford FIeld in the past 30 years. So they are not exactly experienced at hosting an NFL Playoff game. For the record, they have made a rookie mistake.

A Detroit bar has ruled that there will be no service for any patrons who enter their fine establishment who are wearing a Detroit Lions jersey with Matthew Stafford on it. The pub is Thomas Magee's Sporting House, and the dress code on Sunday, the day of the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs, is such that they will deny service to anyone donning a Lions Stafford jersey.

It's a hot spot for Lions fans, and the dress code is a unique but effective way to market a local watering hole for football fans. Clearly the tactic was effective enough to get noted on ESPN's The Pat McAfee Show.

While the move makes headlines, it will do nothing to impact the outcome of the game. In fact, the news clearly has reached the ears of LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, and will only serve to galvanize his resolve and competitive spirit for the game.

Stafford has never had a shortage of competitive spirit, and this publicity stunt will not help the Lion at att. In fact, it could backfire completely, as any sentiment that may have lingered in Stafford for the Detroit Lions is off the table now that establishments associated with the Lions are banning his jersey as acceptable apparel for the upcoming Wild Card game.

Don't poke a bear, or a Rams starting quarterback. Many fans think that if an NFL players needs a special incentive to play well, that is not a professional football player. But making it personal is an unwise approach. Stafford is already geared up to have a great game. I, for one, would not advise any approach to this game that alerts Stafford to put up a great performance.

Stay tuned.