Look out 49ers, here comes the LA Rams and their secret weapon: Tiny Mighty Mo

Even as the LA Rams must plan to stop 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey, the 49ers defense faces an unsuspected threat on the ground by the LA Rams: Tiny Mighty Mo.

Christian Mccaffrey Los Angeles Rams
Christian Mccaffrey Los Angeles Rams / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

We know that the San Francisco 49ers want to run RB Christian McCaffrey 25+ times against the still untested LA Rams defense. And we know that the LA Rams know that is the 49ers offensive strategy. The 49ers have never allowed a game to pass by against the rival LA Rams without some effort to get hands in the dirt, helmets on helmets, and hand the football off to their running back to find the open lane to churn out the yardage.

It's simply that the 49ers have never quite had a running back in the same league as Christian McCaffrey before.

Okay, so we let the 49ers and the 49ers fans think that they have the jump on the LA Rams in Week 2. After all, the best way to get the jump on the San Francisco 49ers is not to trash talk them into submission. Rather, the Rams best strategy is to allow the 49ers think that there is no way that they will lose the game. And then, snatch the win right out from under their noses.

Rams secret weapon: Tiny Mighty Mo

In Week 1, much was said, or rather not said, about the LA Rams' struggles to run with the football. While we addressed some of the scoffing and berating launched at the Rams' Week 1 rushing offense on social media, there is a lingering view that the Rams cannot run the football. I'm not so sure that fans should rush to that conclusion just yet:

After all is said and done, putting points on the scoreboard is what offensive players strive to accomplish. Whether that means carrying the football 81 yards for a touchdown, or simply punching it across the plane from the one-foot line, running touchdowns are a particularly satisfying way to score. Not only does it mean points on the scoreboard, but it proves to the opposing defense that the will of the Rams offensive line dominated them.

5-foot-9 195-pound running back Kyren Williams may not be a household name just yet. And if he stays at just 15 carries for 52 yards per game, he may never become one. But of those 15 runs, he managed to move the chains three times, and get into the end zone twice.

That's how Tiny Mighty Mo rolls.

Keep in mind that Williams faced a Seahawks defense that entered Week 1 committed to stopping a rushing attack. Despite that committed effort, Williams was able to find success carrying the football. Now, the San Francisco 49ers defense is likely plotting to disrupt a very effective Rams passing offense. That could translate into a big game for Kyren Williams in Week 2.

And with any luck, Tiny Mighty Mo will keep on rolling.