Looks like LA Rams get few breaks against Seahawks in Week 1

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Seahawks secondary situation

Although the Rams receivers will face the Seattle Seahawks without starting Cooper Kupp, that may be offset by injuries in the Seahawks' secondary. Right now, there is uncertainty over DB Devon Witherspoon's availability, and Seahawks safety Jamal Adams has already been ruled out for Week 1:

But there are plenty of players who are back on the practice field in preparation for the LA Rams in Week 1. To get a look at the latest injury report, you can click this link here.

The Seattle Seahawks shocked the NFL last season. With many expected the team to be in full rebuild mode, the Seahawks ended up with a winning record (9-8) and earning the seventh and final NFC Playoffs berth. Because the Seahawks had amassed a sizeable number of draft picks, as well as receiving a number of young players in the trade of QB Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos, they expect to end this season with an even better record.

And some NFL analysts are already on board:

That may or may not hold water this season. After all, with a depleter Rams roster and the NFL playoffs hanging in the balance for the Seahawks in the season finale, the Rams pushed the home team Seahawks into overtime before losing by the score of 16-19.