Looks like LA Rams get few breaks against Seahawks in Week 1

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Do Rams have some new wrinkles this year?

For the Seattle Seahawks, a team that is returning many of their players, coaches and strategy, there will likely be few surprises in Week 1. They love to run with the football while mixing in just enough of the passing game to keep the chains moving and the Rams offense off the football field. But do the Rams have some tricks up their sleeves?

It certainly feels that way, doesn't it? After all, the first game on the Rams schedule is against a strong division rival. If the Rams pull off the upset, they are starting off in the right direction. If the Rams lose Week 1, they will continue to face stronger competition until they have to make even more significant decisions about the team's future.

The Rams do have some options for Week 1. Rams featured running back Cam Akers finished the 2022 NFL season with three consecutive 100+ rushing yards, and he should be favored to add a fourth consecutive 100+ yards on the ground in this one.

The Rams also have a pretty capable of receivers behind Cooper Kupp this year. While the Rams finished out 2022 with unimpressive yardage through the air, this game will feature veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford once more. And Stafford has a way of making receivers perform at their optimal levels.

So how does this all add up for or prediction for the final score?

Prediction. 24. 51. Week 1 Rams vs Seahawks score. 28. 36

While not what you may have hoped, it's not a bad start to a season without Cooper Kupp.