Looks like Panthers hired their OC, and it will be LA Rams Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown
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If you needed a positive spin on the LA Rams 5-12 season, perhaps you can take solace in the fact that the coaches from the Rams coaching staff are not the hottest names to hire in the NFL for the 2023 NFL season. That's quite a change from a tradition that seemed to begin as far back as the end of the 2017 NFL season, when a very young and inexperience LA Rams head coach Sean McVay flipped the NFL upside down by rocketing to the top of the NFC West Division with an explosive and productive offense that propelled the team to an 11-5 record.

That was certainly not the case in 2022, as the Rams offense was pedestrian, predictable, and very ineffective. But even in a down year, the Rams have attracted the types of rising stars among the NFL circles that attract the attention of other NFL teams. One such rising star was that of Rams Assistant Head Coach Thomas Brown. Brown was hired in 2020 to assemble a viable rushing offense out of the pieces that remained after the LA Rams waived veteran RB Todd Gurley. What the Rams got that year was a sensationally productive ground assault that leaned upon all three contributors: Darrell Henderson Jr., Malcolm Brown, and rookie Cam Akers.

Too good to keep secret

The Rams needed Brown again in 2021, and he delivered once more. This time, has coached veteran RB Sony Michel into delivering timely rushing performances that gave the struggling passing attack enough of a breather to regroup in time for a postseason push. That allowed the LA Rams to rally to four consecutive NFL Playoff wins, culminating in a victory in Super Bowl LVI. But that did not carry over into 2022. The Rams refocused Brown on the Tight End position, as former TE Coach Wes Phillips left to take on the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator role.,

The plan was always to position Thomas Brown, one of the stars of the LA Rams coaching staff, for eventual promotion as an offensive coordinator. He was so impressive to Rams head coach Sean McVay that he was promoted to Assistant Head Coach. But he was never given the chance to become the Rams OC. Unfortunately, the Rams have that chance in both 2021 and in 2022, but opted to go outside of the organization to fill that role. Now, Thomas Brown has found his own Offensive Coordinator role with the Carolina Panthers, And that means that the Rams will be in the market for a new RB coach as well:

While I am happy for Thomas Brown, and believe that the Carolina Panthers did indeed add a valuable coach to their staff, I continue to be perplexed at the status of other very experienced offensive coordinators and offensive coaches who continue to be passed over in the NFL hiring process. Kansas City Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, Cincinnati Bengals QB Coach Dan Pitcher, Buffalo Bills QB coach Joe Brady, Jacksonville Jaguars QB Coach Mike McCoy, and a host of other talented coaches.

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The Rams continue to be the NFL coaching surplus superstore, Even when the Rams offense struggled, other teams do not hesitate to interview and hire coaches from the LA Rams staff. It's all part of the business in the NFL, but I wish the Rams would catch a break at some point.