Los Angeles Rams 2025 cap situation could take some expert maneuvering

The Rams cap situation in 2025 is not great.
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Rams are extremely tight against the cap in 2025. Working through that mess could take some careful decisions. According to Over The Cap, the Rams will have just $3.6 million in cap space in 2025, which is barely enough to sign anyone. It's not a great spot to be in, and even though they have a good bit of young talent on rookie contracts, they also have some massive contracts on the books as well.

The Rams being able to give themselves some breathing room without impacting future cap years could be difficult, and their decision on what to do with Matthew Stafford might be the biggest one they'll make in years. If Stafford, entering his age-36 season, ends up declining in 2024, the Rams could cut him next offseason.

That would save them $32 million against the cap, but would force them to eat $18.5 million in dead money. However, the other end of that is Stafford just balling out this coming season and earning a short-term extension. OTC notes that an extension would save the LA Rams $24.5 million against the 2025 cap, which is awesome.

But beyond that, the Rams may not have many other viable solutions to fix their 2025 cap situation without incurring a good bit of dead cap. And restructuring deals is one that doesn't force a team to eat dead cap, but restructing contracts kicks the proverbial can down the road, so it's not always a wise idea.

If the LA Rams make a deep playoff run in 2024, that could also impact their cap situation in 2025, as GM Les Snead may again see an avenue to go all-in, which could prompt him to do some restructures to save cap space. No matter how you slice it, the LA Rams are facing some difficult decisions in 2025 with their cap.