NFL Draft Rumors: What would it cost for Rams to trade into top 10?

LA Rams, NFL Draft
LA Rams, NFL Draft / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The L.A. Rams have a first-round pick. I repeat: the Los Angeles Rams have a first-round pick. For the first time since 2016, the Rams enter a draft with a first-round selection.

It's quite the world we're living in, right? Not only do the Rams own a first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but they also plan to use it.

And if that isn't crazy enough, a recent rumor has the Rams wanting to trade into the top 10 of Thursday's draft for a non-quarterback. Who could that be? Better question: what would it cost?

The Rams want to trade into the top 10 of the 2024 NFL Draft, but it would be costly

For simplicity's sake, let's try and figure out just what exactly the Rams would have to give up in order to move into the top 10. In these three examples, we used a draft pick value chart courtesy of Draft Tek. Let's keep it pretty bland and ask the question of what it would take for the Rams to move up to picks no. 9, no.7 or no. 5 overall.

To get to no. 9, the Rams need to package . . .

A combination of a first, second and a third rounder. The Bears only have four picks in this year's draft, so they would likely prefer two of the three picks to be this year, of course including the no. 19 selection.

No. 9 trade

To get to no. 7, the Rams need to package . . .

A combination of a first rounder, plus two second-round picks. Something like this might get it done:

No.7 trade

To get to no. 5, the Rams need to package . . .

One of two possible combinations. First, the Rams could simply package a pair of first-round picks, assuming next year's pick would be either in a similar range or a tad lower than no. 19. But, if the Rams wanted to avoid having to give up two first rounders, then a combination along these lines might work:

No. 5 trade

If the Rams were looking at trading up to pick no. 9, they could have someone like Penn State tackle Olu Fashanu or Alabama edge rusher Dallas Turner in mind.

If they're looking at the no. 7 range, maybe the Rams are targeting someone like Washington wide receiver Rome Odunze -- and that would be terrifying for opposing defenses. Odunze, Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua? Oh, wow.

Now, what if they're looking at the no. 5 range? That could be either Marvin Harrison Jr. or Joe Alt territory.

Things are about to get real exciting, and real fast.