6 Rams players and coaches who won't be back in 2024, and 2 who will

Hopefully, the Rams can put together a more competitive roster next season.

Los Angeles Rams, Darrell Henderson
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Offensive Line coach Ryan Wendell will not return in 2024

Going back to the topic of the Rams' offensive line, this is an entire position that should look much different in 2024. The Rams will likely need to find a couple of new starters up front, but in addition, offensive line coach Ryan Wendell needs to be relieved of his duties.

There are too many times this season that we have seen Rams offensive linemen without work during a play. They either stop looking for work or they are behind on a play like a screen, for example. Wendell doesn't seem to have his guys totally prepared at an NFL level, week-in and week-out, and the Rams have to find a replacement.

Linebacker Christian Rozeboom will not return in 2024

We knew the Rams defense was going to have some tough moments, especially after losing so many top-tier veteran names over the past couple of years. But, inside linebacker Christian Rozeboom will not return in 2024 and must be replaced. His play this year has been downright bad.

When asked to drop into coverage, Rozeboom is a non-factor. He's allowed 21 receptions on 26 targets this year, which is good for nearly an 81 percent completion by opposing quarterbacks. He's allowing a 94.4 rating by quarterbacks when targeted, as well. As if his coverage skills weren't bad enough, Rozeboom has also struggled wrapping up this year, and has missed 20 percent of his tackles to date.