Which members of the Rams are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Who are the greatest of the greats in Rams history?
St. Louis Rams, Kurt Warner
St. Louis Rams, Kurt Warner / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Originally founded as the Cleveland Rams back in 1936, this franchise has been around close to a century now.

Having moved from Cleveland, to Los Angeles, to St. Louis and now back to Los Angeles, these Rams have called multiple cities "home," but one thing has remained no matter where they've been located: the Rams are a winning franchise.

Winning championships both in Cleveland (1945) and Los Angeles (1951, 1999, 2021) and appearing in the Super Bowl twice while in St. Louis (1980 and 2002), the Rams have found themselves on the big stage several times.

Out of those Super Bowl appearances and wins is where the Rams saw many of their future Hall of Famers shine. Who, of the Rams franchise, has made the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Let's take a gander back in time.

Rams players, coaches and front office members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Name (Position/Title)

Tenure with Rams (Year inducted into HOF)

George Allen (Head coach)

1966-1970 (2002)

Jerome Bettis (RB)

1993-1995 (2015)

Isaac Bruce (WR)

1994-2007 (2020)

Eric Dickerson (RB)

1983-1987 (1999)

Marshall Faulk (RB)

1999-2006 (2011)

Tom Fears (E)

1948-1956 (1970)

Kevin Greene (LB)

1985-1992 (2016)

Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch (RB, WR)

1949-1957 (1968)

David "Deacon" Jones (DE)

1961-1971 (1980)

Tom Mack (G)

1966-1978 (1999)

Merlin Olsen (DT)

1962-1976 (1982)

Orlando Pace (OT)

1997-2008 (2016)

Dan Reeves (Owner)

1941-1971 (1967)

Les Richter (LB)

1954-1962 (2011)

Jackie Slater (OT)

1976-1995 (2001)

Norman Van Brocklin (QB, P)

1949-1957 (1971)

Dick Vermeil (HC)

1997-1999 (2022)

Kurt Warner (QB)

1998-2003 (2017)

Bob Waterfield (QB, K, P)

1945-1952 (1965)

Aeneas Williams (DB)

2001-2004 (2014)

Jack Youngblood (DE)

1971-1984 (2001)

Notable Rams who are also in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but known for their careers elsewhere

  • Bob Brown, OT: Drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1964 where he played five seasons, followed by two with the Rams, and finally three with the Raiders
  • Bill George, LB: Drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1951 where he played 14 seasons, followed by one season with the Rams
  • Sid Gillman, Head Coach: Coached the Rams from 1955-1959, followed by coaching the Chargers from 1960-1971, and a year later, two seasons with Houston
  • Winston Hill, OT: Played 14 seasons for the New York Jets before one season with the Rams in 1977
  • Dick "Night Train" Lane, DB: Played with the Rams in 1952-1953 before six years with the Chicago Cardinals, then six more with the Detroit Lions
  • James Lofton, WR: Drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1978 where he played nine seasons, followed by two two with the Raiders, four with the Bills, then one final season with the Eagles and Rams
  • Ollie Matson, RB: Drafted by the Cardinals in 1952 where he played six seasons, followed by four with the Rams, one with the Lions and three more with the Eagles
  • Tommy McDonald, WR: Drafted by the Eagles in 1957 where he played seven seasons, followed by one with the Cowboys, two with the Rams, one with the Falcons and a final season with the Browns
  • Joe Namath, QB: Drafted by the New York Jets in 1965 where he played 12 seasons, followed by one more with the Rams
  • Andy Robustelli, DE: Drafted by the Rams in 1951 where he played five seasons, followed by nine with the New York Giants
  • Tex Schramm: Served as the publicity director of the Rams but was the general manager/president of the Dallas Cowboys, a career with the team which spanned 29 years
  • Ron Yary, OT: Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1968 where he played 14 seasons, followed by one with the Rams

Current/Recent players who might soon find themselves in the Hall of Fame: Aaron Donald, Von Miller, Jalen Ramsey, Bobby Wagner, Matthew Stafford, Andrew Whitworth, Cooper Kupp, Puca Nakua