Ranking the Top 5 LA Rams head coaches of all-time

LA Rams, Sean McVay
LA Rams, Sean McVay / Harry How/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Rams have been around for nearly a century now, being founded back in 1936 and having moved a few times over the years.

Still, the organization has seen plenty of success during those 80-plus years, and thanks to many different head coaches.

When looking at the history of the team, though, how do you put together a list of ranking the top five head coaches when there are so many, so close together when it comes to categories like wins? We try to do just that, but go ahead and debate us if you'd like.

5. Mike Martz

It's debatable whether or not to put Mike Martz on this list, but because of his impressive work those few years with the Rams' offense, I feel as though he deserves it. Martz coached the Rams from 2000-2005, boasting a record of 53-32 while there. He would make seven playoff appearances, winning just three of them, however.

Martz's best season came when he and the Rams went all the way to Super Bowl XXXVI, ultimately losing to the New England Patriots after Adam Vinatieri's famous kick to win it.

Still, Martz's accomplishments with the Rams and what he brought to their offense can't go overshadowed. Even after Kurt Warner left, the Rams went 12-4 in Marc Bulger's first season as a starter. His offenses were consistently in the top of the league, which is why he went on to get multiple opportunities as an offensive coordinator after his departure. His stints in that position, though, never seemed to last long, and maybe it's because he was typically a tough guy to get along with.