Ranking the Top 5 LA Rams head coaches of all-time

LA Rams, Sean McVay
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3. Chuck Knox

Back in the 50's, Chuck Knox got his coaching start in the high school ranks before moving into the college game in 1959. By 1963, Knox moved into the pro's quickly, as he became the offensive line coach for the New York Jets. He was there up until after the 1966 season before moving onto the Detroit Lions, taking over the same role there.

In 1973, though, Knox was given his opportunity as a head coach by the Rams. He would go on to spend five seasons with the organization, finishing with a record of 69-48-1 and currently sitting second on the team's all-time win list, in terms of coaches.

Knox had a fantastic first season with the Rams, going 12-2 and winning a division title. He would also earn NFL Coach of the Year honors that season, kicking off one heck of a career in the pros. Every season under Knox, the Rams would win the NFC West title, proving he could lead a team to regular season success virtually in his sleep.

However, Knox's Rams would typically fall in the playoffs, which would ultimately be a major reason why he could never get over that hump. Knox stepped down as head coach following the playoff loss to Minnesota that was dubbed the "Mud Bowl."