Ranking the Top 5 LA Rams head coaches of all-time

LA Rams, Sean McVay
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2. Dick Vermeil

Second-to-ast but not least, we come to our no. 2 head coach in Rams history. Funny enough, Dick Vermeil is only 10th all-time in wins as a Rams head coach, having a career record of just 22-26. However, he was the only coach to bring home a Super Bowl title in team history up until just a few short years ago.

Vermeil is known as one of the all-time good guys in league history. He was a true player's coach; loved his players like his own sons and did whatever he could to ensure their success. He was loved by many, that's for certain.

Vermeil began coaching the Rams back in 1997 after a long stint away from the team. He spent a few years as a quarterbacks coach for the team in the 70's, went on a two-decade hiatus from the organization while spending time with UCLA and the Philadelphia Eagles and then a break from coaching football, altogether. He was a broadcaster during his time away from coaching, before coming back as the head coach of the Rams in 1997.

During that beloved 1999 season, the Rams had a guy by the name of Kurt Warner under center, who led the "Greatest Show on Turf" all the way to a championship. The Rams' offense, that year, was something to behold. Vermeil and Warner's offense led the NFL by a mile in most major categories, proving that season that defense, after all, does not always win championships.