Ranking the Top 5 LA Rams head coaches of all-time

LA Rams, Sean McVay
LA Rams, Sean McVay / Harry How/GettyImages
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1. Sean McVay

Finally, we come to the young, hip and stylish Sean McVay. Known by the ladies as a GQ-type for his looks, but by football fans as an offensive guru, McVay is a guy that has, in essence, had it all. McVay took over the Rams back in 2017 following a miserable five seasons led by the ho-hum Jeff Fisher.

All McVay did was resurrect a Rams offense, that looked dead in the water, to becoming one of the league's top units. McVay's scheme was borderline unbeatable, especially with a weapon like Todd Gurley who could do it all, and was arguably the league's top running back during his prime.

McVay would lead the Rams to a Super Bowl following the 2018 season, ultimately losing to Tom Brady and the Patriots. However, the 2021 season would see a different result as McVay and the Rams would go all the way, defeating the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20 to claim a Super Bowl victory.

In just a short time period, McVay sits third all-time in wins on the Rams' coaching list with a record of 60-38, making two title game appearances and winning one. We don't quite know how much longer McVay will be in the coaching game, but so long as he is, the Rams should still be a fun watch.