3 Cam Akers trades the L.A. Rams could consider

It appears the running back's time in L.A. might just be coming to an end

L.A. Rams, Cam Akers
L.A. Rams, Cam Akers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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Prior to Week 2's matchup with the San Francisco 49ers, the Los Angeles Rams made headlines by declaring running back Cam Akers inactive.

Almost immediately after that report came the story that Los Angeles had been centering trade talks around the fourth-year pro.

If the Rams are indeed going to move forward without Akers, they likely won't get much for the former second-round pick, especially considering the current landscape at the position.

But, for the sake of this topic, here are three teams and possible deals that make sense for both sides.

Trade Number 1: Cam Akers goes to insure Saquon Barkley

Week 2 ended in a somewhat scary way for the New York Giants. Even though they came back from down 28-7 to the Arizona Cardinals to win the game, the Giants saw starting running back Saquon Barkley exit with an ankle injury.

If Barkley was to miss any time, the Giants would need to find a way to replace him. At the moment, the Giants have veteran Matt Breida and rookie Eric Gray, along with another veteran, Gary Brightwell.

Akers trade 1

In any deal involving Akers, the Rams will probably be unable to fetch anything higher than a late Day 3 pick. So, in this deal, the Rams get a sixth rounder next year from the Giants.

Then, the Giants have the ability to put a legitimate playmaker out there in spelling Barkley and allowing his legs to be fresh. With New York at 0-2, the last thing they can afford is to see Barkley worn down and injured.