Matthew Stafford's Hall of Fame odds seem unlikely, according to this source

What does Pro Football Refence have to say about Matthew Stafford's HOF chances?
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Matthew Stafford might end up being one of the more interesting Hall of Fame debates when his career is all said and done. Will he get in? Pro Football Refence uses a score to designate where they feel certain players are and their chances to make the HOF:

"The Pro Football Reference Hall of Fame Monitor (HOFm) is a metric designed to estimate a player's chances of making the Pro Football Hall of Fame using AV, Pro Bowls, All-Pros, championships, and various stat milestones. The players listed below are the top 250 HOFm-rated players who played QB starting in 1955 or later for at least 50 career games. A score of 100 is around the average modern-era inductee."

Pro Football Reference

The website page is quite informative, and as you can probably imagine, Tom Brady is at the top of the list with a 263.03 rating. Coming in at 2nd place is current Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning, with a 257.80 rating. Third place is Aaron Rodgers at 192.43. The tab the average HOF QB with a 108 score, but where does Matthew Stafford fall?

Believe it or not, his rating is just 79.01, which is over 20 points lower than their average score for a Hall of Fame QB. The thing with Stafford is that he does not have a ton of personal accolades. He was essentially trapped in Detroit for years, the franchise wasting away his career. He had just one Pro Bowl with the Lions, even though he had several other Pro Bowl-caliber and even All-Pro seasons.

Somehow, Stafford was not elected to the Pro Bowl in his prolific 2021 year, where he threw for nearly 5,000 yards and 41 touchdown passes. Really, to no fault of his own, his rating, at least according to PFR, still has some work to do. Matthew Stafford might be forced to end up NFL career stacking up more personal accolades if he wants to end up in the Hall of Fame one day.