New LA Rams trade-filled mock draft swells roster with young talent

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With the 252nd pick

With the 252nd pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, the LA Rams select a big bruising running back out of Utah, 6-foot-2 247-pound Tavion Thomas. Did I say big and bruising? Yes. Yes I did. Trying to tackle this guy is like trying to stop a wrecking ball in the midst of its arcing swing. When he is hot, he seems unstoppable. In fact, he has the ability to carry defenders on his back for several yards, and defenses will need to gang tackle the guy to ensure he is down.

If you want the LA Rams to be big and physical in their running game, then you will love this guy. He has the potential to be a star running back, but he is not consistent in his performance. He is a big back who runs hard, can break tackles, and put up huge chunks of yards.

What is the guy doing falling this far? In truth, he is the type of running back who does not fit the prototypical NFL running back. Because he is inconsistent, he would be expected to be a powerful runner who should excel at short yardage situation, but he never developed a strong nose for the endzone or to move the sticks when it's a short yardage scenario.

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While he is big enough to be a solid target on passing routes, he never quite developed as a receiver, ending four seasons with 10 receptions and just 50 receiving yards. But he did show signs of promise, as he caught six passes for 43 yards in his final season.

Another area of improvement is his pass blocking. You might expect a rusher who loves to initiate contact as a guy who would be adept at pass blocking, particularly in light of the fact that he is huge and powerful. But he tends to favor cut blocking, which is not always effective in the NFL. If he is there, I would love to see the Rams draft him. He is the type of runner who could be just what the Rams need in 2023.