New LA Rams trade-filled mock draft swells roster with young talent

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With the 253rd pick

With the 253rd pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, the LA Rams select  J.J. Weaver, outside linebacker from Kentucky. The LA Rams roster needs to restock the shelves with outside linebackers, and Weaver is not only a good one, but with former offensive coordinator Liam Coen's experience with the University of Kentucky, the Rams will have an unending supply of intel on this young man.

The Rams need help at pass rush, and Weaver is a player who can deliver that in the NFL. But if he does fall to the seventh-round as this mock draft projects, some of his drawbacks will need to be addressed. For starters, he is a bit raw. While that is not a problem in itself, coupled with the fact that he is a hybrid DE/OLB type, some defenses may steer clear simply due to the fact that teams won't see a clear path to his contributing for them. Weaver stands 6-foot-5, weighs 242 pounds, and has a nice reach that will help him lock his hands on the quarterback.

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Weaver may arrive as a developmental project for the LA Rams, but he adds needed depth and an immediate ability to deliver on special teams. He has the ability to get small and dig into hairpin turns, making it very difficult for offensive tackles to remain engaged while he turns and aims at the quarterback. Because he has already developed that ability to get after the quarterback, his training camp could show rapid development.

He has good instincts in pass coverage, as his size allows him to create trouble for tight ends, and he has even shown the ability to stay close with slot receivers. His weakness is run defense, both in the recognition as the play develops and in countering it by shedding blockers and bringing down the runner.