New LA Rams trade-filled mock draft swells roster with young talent

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Draft trade summary

Okay, that's a lot of commerce. Which draft picks do the LA Rams end up actually using in the 2023 NFL Draft? Well now, that's the magic of trading back. In a deep draft with not top-tier talent, the best strategy is to accumulate as many rookie prospects as possible. Normally, the LA Rams have no chance at deploying that strategy, because their success often sinks them to late in each round. But in this NFL Draft, the Rams are one of the team's that have the early selection. That will drive teams to the Rams in the hopes of choosing a highly coveted player who is still on the draft board. So how might that end up for the LA Rams? Let's take a look:

LA Rams post-trade pick summary

Round 2: Pick 37
Round 3: Pick 86
Round 4: Pick 127, 137
Round 5: Picks 160, 173
Round 6: Picks 190, 192, 202, 211, 212
Round 7: Picks 226, 251, 252, 253, 258

The LA Rams will not hesitate to trade back if they believe that there is more value to the Rams roster to do so, and in this year's offseason, I believe that the team will want to try to ensure a well-stocked and talented roster. This is a team that value quantity of draft picks over quality, and the NFL rookie pay scale is set such that the Rams are incentivized to pick more often by trading back for later rounds.

Too many trades? Don't be so sure. The Rams engaged in two trades in the 2022 NFL Draft, and the Rams entered that draft with just seven picks, none before pick 104. For the Rams, as long as the team hits on one offensive lineman who can ultimately start for the team in 2023, the Rams have a strong enough roster to fill the team with talented players who must earn their playing time for the upcoming 2023 NFL season with strong showings in training camp and preseason games.

So let's see who the LA Rams might draft with this mock draft's projected 16 picks at:

37, 86, 127, 137, 160, 173, 190, 192, 202, 211, 212, 226, 251, 252, 253, 258

17 picks, but 10 of those selections in the final two rounds. What type of rookie prospects might the Rams emerge with in this type of draft? Oh, you won't want to miss this one . . .