New NFL regulation may hurt the LA Rams roster this season

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Risk III: No do-overs. Rams must get waivers right the first time

The LA Rams are going to have quite the challenge this season. Right now, the LA Rams have only 45 players, or 50 percent of their eventual 90-man roster, under contract. It's almost laughable that the next fewest players on any NFL team, the Tennessee Titans, has 59 players under contract for the 2023 NFL season. That is nearly 16 percent more of their roster signed up.

That exposes the LA Rams to a roster comprised of 45 rookies. That's a huge number of players to meet, become acquainted with them, learn their strengths and weaknesses and potential. Coach them up as quickly and efficiently as possible, Finally, over the course of one summers time, make decisions that could make or break their NFL careers permanently.

And those decisions, as far as the LA Rams roster, will now be virtually permanent.

Measure twice, cut once

The trouble with a one-cut roster format is manner in which that will ultimately impact the LA Rams training camp and preseason formats and schedules. We know from the past that the team has elected to withhold projected starters and significant rotational players from preseason competition, and use those contests to script and assess the performances of their 'on the bubble,' players.

In the past, NFL team waived 15 players from the team before the final preseason game. While that may have challenged the Rams at a decision to play starters for thinner positions to ensure that they were able to load manage that final preseason game, it was also a final system check to ensure that that team did not cut their roster depth too deeply.

Game simulation data points are difficult to come by for coaches on their rookies. But a two-cut system allowed the team to waive 15 players, and use the final preseason game not only to help lean the team one way or the other on the fence-sitters but allow the team to get video footage available on their marginal players who could interest other teams.

A one-time roster reduction changes the process in that the LA Rams go from a 90-player training camp roster down to their active 53-player roster in one fell swoop.