New Rams rumors ignite on Day 1 of the draft over this unexpected tactic

Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead
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Defensive lineman

The most obvious reason to trade up is to grab the top defensive lineman in this draft class. The reason? The 2024 rookie class is not particularly deep at the defensive line position, and the team clearly has a great need to find starters with the retirement of DT Aaron Donald and the loss of DE Jonah Williams to free agency. While the team does have some players who can absorb some of the work load by taking a larger share of the rotation, the simpler solution is to identify an NFL DL starter and select him.

Texas DT Byron Murphy II is the standout defensive lineman in this class, and he has been mocked off the draft board as early as the ninth overall pick. He stands 6-foot-1, weighs 297 pounds, is incredibly versatile, and has every ounce of swagger, power, and production sought in a clear-cut DL starter. The team needs to address the defensive line, and even with forewarning from Donald, this is the first opportunity to backfill his vacancy.

Pass rusher

Another option to climbing the ladder into the Top 10 is to be in a position to land one of the best pass rushers in this rookie class. While not as thin as the defensive tackle position, the Rams draft board may view one prospect so much higher in terms of plug-and-play production that a significant investment into moving up to make the selection is worth the effort.

Is Florida State outside linebacker Jared Verse a target? He certainly possesses the type of draft profile that could lure the Rams into the Top 10. He stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 254 pounds, and is a consensus Day 1 starter. He is a refined pass rusher who has a complete arsenal of pass rush moves, He is a polished edge rusher who, when paired up with OLB Byron Young, becomes a keystone of this defense for years to come.

Alabama outside linebacker Dallas Turner could be another target for a Top-10 ascension by the Rams. In many mock drafts, he is the first edge rusher off the board. Turner stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 247 pounds. He is also quite refined with a complete arsenal of pass-rush moves. But Turner is more athletic than refined, which means that he is the type of outside linebacker who needs patience and great coaching to realize his optimum performance. But his ceiling is incredibly high. Oh, and here is a fun fact, Dallas Turner's NFL comparison is former Panthers DE/OLB Brian Burns.