NFL announces 321 prospects for 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. How many will Rams choose?

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The LA Rams are set to participate in all three days of the 2024 NFL Draft, something that has not happened since 2016. But before the Rams embark on their journey to reinforce their roster, 321 rookie candidates must showcase their athleticism and football prowess before a national stage.

The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine participants are set. This year 321 candidates will attend in hopes of raising their draft stock, speaking with NFL scouts, coaches, and personnel execs, and getting a feel for how their chances stack up in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Not all participants will hear their names called out in the draft, unfortunately.

The number of players projected to be selected in the 2024 NFL Draft is projected to be fewer than 260 players. The draft is not immune to including players who were not invited to attend the annual NFL Scouting Combine, so there are at least 60+ draft prospects who will not hear their name called out during the 3-day draft event.

That means that the pressure is on.

Of the invitees, the number of prospects for each positional group is as follows:

  • Quarterbacks - (14)
  • Running backs - (29)
  • Wide Receivers - (39)
  • Tight ends - (16)
  • Offensive linemen - (70)
  • Defensive linemen - (49)
  • Linebackers - (30)
  • Defensive backs - (68)
  • Kickers/Punters - (6)

That is quite a huge number of football prospects to process in one gathering. But the administration of the annual NFL Scouting Combine have all the processing and events so well coordinated that it all runs smoothly.

The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, and will be held from February 26, 2024 through March 4, 2024. Positional groups for the various stages are broken into four groups. They are: DL & LB (Group 1), DB & TE (Group 2), RB, QB, WO (Group 3), and finally OL & PK/ST (Group 4)

As you can see by the embedded image above the four workout groups are staggered in such a way that the first group completes all stages by Friday, March 1st, while the fourth group does not arrive until Wednesday, February 28. That limits the number of days of full participants to three days, from Feb. 29 - Mar. 1.

Each group is scheduled for six days of activities that includes arrival, orientation, interviews, medical exams, meetings, workouts, and finally departure. Because interviews can be numerous, they often include meals after the events cease for the day.

We will have plenty more coverage throughout the events. But it's time to set your calendar now. The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine is just around the corner. And ready or not, here it comes: