NFL Draft: Rams benefit from Zach Wilson trade in this full Round 1 mock

New York Jets Zach Wilson
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Shakeup just days before the 2024 NFL Draft

Even as the 2024 NFL Draft looms ever larger on the horizon, and nearly all hopes of QB Zach Wilson finding a new home faded into oblivion, NFL rumors suddenly erupted with the news that the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets had reached an agreement to trade Wilson to the Broncos with a 2025 NFL Draft Round 7 pick for a 2025 NFL Draft Round 6 pick.

The deal also keeps the Jets on the hook for about half of Zach Wilson's 2024 NFL salary. That means that the Broncos are not paying the full freight to place Zach Wilson on their roster, which is vital as they are paying former QB Russell Wilson's salary to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2024.

But what does this all mean? Well, for starters, the Denver Broncos have one more quarterback to compete for playing time in 2024. And with Zach Wilson getting a change of scenery, the Broncos could defer their need to trade up for a franchise quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft:

While the Broncos could still view the quarterback prospects in this year's draft as too tempting to completely ignore, their roster has enough depth and competition in the quarterback room as is to enter the draft with a view towards developing a quarterback of the future, rather than drafting a quarterback to start on Day 1 of the 2024 NFL season. So, how does that alter the NFL Draft?