NFL exec thinks 49ers overdrafted Ricky Pearsall because of the Rams

Florida State v Florida
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Los Angeles Rams fans had a good time laughing at the San Francisco 49ers for shocking everyone by taking Ricky Pearsall with their first-round pick. Pearsall was not considered to be a first-round prospect yet the Niners believed he was and reached for him at 31st overall.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the 49ers spent their first-round pick on Pearsall because they were inspired by the Rams. Yes, you read that right. The Niners reached on Pearsall in the first round because they wanted to utilize him the same way that the Rams utilize Puka Nacua, a fifth-round gem from last year's draft who went on to take the league by storm as a rookie.

"Added an AFC exec: "They wanted a route runner like the Rams have in Puka [Nacua]. Probably see him in that same role.""

From Fowler's article

49ers are trying to replicate what the Rams did

Nacua was an excellent addition to the Rams offense last year, narrowly missing the 1,500-yard mark as a rookie while finding the end zone six times. It's unbelievable that he was a fifth-round pick and now the 49ers are hoping to find some of that magic with Pearsall.

It's not that Pearsall isn't a good player. He finished just shy of 1,000 yards and scored four touchdowns during his final season with the Florida Gators but the 49ers didn't need to draft him when they did. It's funny enough that the Niners did all of this because of the Rams and it'll be even funnier if they end up wasting a pick on a guy who goes on to become a bust.