NFL Expert: "He is going to light it up in the NFC West" re: Rams rookie

Rich Eisen
Rich Eisen / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The LA Rams had a huge draft haul in the 2024 NFL Draft. It was the type of event that Rams fans rightly deserved, and were starving for. This was not a night of misdirection, huge gambles to trade up, not huge trades to add more picks. The front office has a surgically precise as they were robustly effective. The team has a laundry list of diverse needs, and emerged with a complete and nearly well-rounded roster.

Now we simply need to sit back, assess the players, and enjoy the shiny riches of talent plundered by GM Les Snead throughout the three-day event. Of course, some did not wait until after the draft was over. NFL Draft broadcaster Rich Eisen is a University of Michigan Alumni. He has never hidden his affection and support for Michigan players. Here is how Rich Eisen described his meeting with Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy.

Of course, Eisen's tale included his dispute with Albert Breer over the NFL prospects of McCarthy.

When the LA Rams selected Michigan Wolverines RB Blake Corum with the 99th overall pick, the NFL Draft broadcast crew erupted with elation, led by Rich Eisen. If you prefer to view the footage on YouTube, here you go. While I was stuck in the effort to understand and appreciate how the young man would fit and upgrade the Rams roster, I merely needed to hit the replay button a few times and listen to Eisen's emotionally charged recitation of Corum's accomplishments in the Wolverine's offense.

There is always some component of bias and subjectivity in any assessment of a college player. But there is also the matter of familiarity of the player and his value. You know that Rich Eisen followed the Michigan Wolverines in 2023, and may have viewed games multiple times. If he endorses RB Blake Corum to the level that he did, there is truth to it.

In fact, since the draft, at least 10 persons whose opinions that I trust and who have sound reasons to follow the Michigan Wolverines have reached out to me to endorse and praise the Rams selection of RB Blake Corum.

Will he light up the NFC West? Rich Eisen certainly thinks so. For now, that's good enough for me.