NFL insider reveals how Aaron Donald told Sean McVay he was retiring

What a legend.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Los Angeles Rams fans were stunned last week when Aaron Donald announced that he'd be retiring from the NFL after 10 seasons in the league. Donald walks away with 10 Pro Bowl appearances (he made it every year of his career), eight All-Pro nods, three Defensive Player of the Year awards, and, of course, one Super Bowl title.

Albert Breer of wrote about Donald's retirement and how he told Sean McVay that he was ready to step away.

"Aaron Donald knew his career was complete on the night of Jan. 14. Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay got that message loud and clear the next day when the all-planet all-timer came into his office as the team was shaking off its playoff ouster in Detroit the night before.

“I’m full,” Donald simply told McVay."

Albert Breer

After the Rams' season came to an end against the Detroit Lions, Donald entered McVay's office and said two words to indicate his career was over: "I'm full." According to Breer, McVay completely understood Donald's decision.

"“I’m just like, And you should be. You have every right to feel that way,” McVay said over the phone Sunday afternoon. “What an amazing thing. The words won’t do justice to the way that he so eloquently articulated it to me and just put it in a way that, as a human being, all you’re really looking for is to be at peace and to be happy. He was full. And, man, did you feel that. You’re just so happy because he earned it too.”"

From Breer's article

Aaron Donald to Sean McVay: "I'm full."

The Rams spent the 13th overall pick on Donald back in the 2014 NFL Draft when the team was still in St. Louis. Donald played two years in St. Louis when the team moved to Los Angeles and he never wore another team's uniform, making him an even bigger legend amongst the Rams faithful.

While some Rams fans might have been surprised by Donald's announcement, McVay knew this day was coming soon.

"The coach said he had a feeling, really, all year this might happen. Donald would take an extra moment during a game, or an additional few minutes with a young player after practice, or time to laugh with a buddy of his. He even went a little further with Christmas gifts this year, and those, to McVay, were all tells on where the veteran’s head was at. And maybe his way of leaving behind a little something extra for those he played with."

Albert Breer

Rams fans are bummed to see a truly legendary player stepping away. Donald's sack of Joe Burrow in Super Bowl LVI helped crown the Rams as Super Bowl champions for the first time since the start of the millennium. That moment will never be forgotten and neither will Aaron Donald's legacy. It's only fitting that he had a bad ass way to announce his retirement to his head o