NFL mock draft 2025: A way too early red-carpet reload of Rams roster

2024 NFL Draft
2024 NFL Draft / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Okay, the LA Rams have just completed their 2024 NFL Draft, so what business do I have by mocking the next 2025 NFL Draft? Well, isn't it obvious? While we as fans love to think of the team in terms of present-day current events, the art of success in the NFL as a general manager is to have the present in the windshield, but to keep next year in the side-view mirror.

The 2025 NFL Draft is slated to occur on April 24 through 26, 2025 and will be located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After Detroit, Michigan, raised the bar in 2024, there is a new standard for NFL Drafts going forward.

Speaking of a 2025 NFL Draft, should we take a gaze into the crystal ball? While I am fully aware that the list of variables for the next 360+ days is far too great to quantify, let's take a look into legendary Rams quarterback Jim Everett's crystal ball . . .

Okay, so that did not pan out too well.

But this is the perfect time to stop, look, and listen for the next draft, isn't it? After all, we have a clear idea of which positions need to be addressed this year, and which contracts expire at the end of this season. In the past, I have been vehemently opposed to gazing too far into the future.

But I have to say that time changes everything. Today, it feels as though it's vital to know where the next pitstop of roster restocking might be, and what may be available if and when the Rams get there. After all, we are already aware of the fact that the team has a bit of work to do to placate veteran QB Matthew Stafford, whose guaranteed contract money ends with 2024.

We can also conclude that several players signed to new contracts are on one-year deals. What will this team do after those players' contracts expire?

A new Rams mock draft may not make sense initially. I can understand that knee-jerk reaction. But like many new ideas, you have to plant the seed and see how it sprouts and takes root. If the team needs to fill a glaring vacancy that is projected in 2025, why not go the extra mile to project a solution for that new challenge?