NFL mock draft 2025: A way too early red-carpet reload of Rams roster

2024 NFL Draft
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With the Round 6 pick

  • Billy Bowman, DB, Oklahoma

The LA Rams front office appeared to have placed an emphasis on play-makers in the secondary, and Oklahoma Sooners' defensive back Billy Bowman is every bit the playmaker on their defense. Despite standing just 5-foot-10 and weighing 194 pounds, Bowman casts a huge shadow in the Sooners' secondary, and gives the team the ability to change the momentum of every game, on practically every play.

Safety Billy Bowman has a tough decision to make after his 2023 NCAA college football season, one in which he made 63 tackles, broke up four passes, pick-pocketed six interceptions, and ran back three of those for pick sixes. He could return for one more year playing for Oklahoma, or ply his pass pick-off wares to NFL teams in the 2024 NFL Draft. He opted to return to Oklahoma.

This young man is passionate about football, but not for the spotlight. He is driven to be the best version of himself, and by doing so, he wants to be the undisputed best version that he can possibly be. That pretty much makes him an ideal prospect for Rams DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant. Billy Bowman was featured in OU Daily by Jason Batacao, and his coach Brandon Hall was extremely complimentary of Bowers in the article:

"Billy (Bowman) has given himself wholeheartedly to this university and this football team. Billy was very adamant about wanting to come back feeling his best football will be ahead of him. He also felt like he could be a better leader and a mentor.”"

Safety Coach Brandon Hall

So how could such a productive prospect fall? In a nutshell, he is a boom or bust prospect. And by returning to Oklahoma after such a boom season, some draft analysts fear that his weaknesses my come to light.

Billy Bowman Jr.. Billy Bowman Jr. draft profile. PFF Draft profile. Oklahoma. Billy Bowman Jr.. 51. Rd 6. player. NFL Draft Buzz. Defensive back

As of right now, Bowman gambles quite a bit and won many of those gambles in 2023. Will 2024 showcase regression to the mean? After all, if quarterbacks and offensive coordinators decipher his reads one timing when to go for the football, it's an easy matter to specifically plan double moves, dig routes early to set up deep throws later in the game.

There are many examples of players who were hot in college, returned for one more season, and fell on draft boards as a result. But Bowman has the right passion, has great ball-hawking skills, and could be an ideal fit for this secondary that loves to pick off passes.

With the Round 7 pick

The LA Rams exchanged their Round 7 pick and WR Van Jefferson for the Atlanta Falcosns Round 6 pick.

All told, the Rams 2025 NFL Draft is not laced with as many picks as 2023 or 2024. But the team will have a shorter shopping list. But even with fewer picks, the team can land some very talented players. After all, the front office has a track record of finding elite NFL players late on Day 3.

After sizing up this early 2025 Rams mock draft, I feel much more optimistic about the team's chances of prolonged success. I hope that you do too. And as always, thank you so much for reading.