NFL Rumors: 3 things to know about LA Rams new RB coach

Ron Gould, Norm Chow
Ron Gould, Norm Chow / Kent Nishimura/GettyImages

We know that the LA Rams coaching staff is continue to fill open roles, and perhaps the one role on the team that everyone is most interested in keeping an eye on is the team's RB Coach. After all, the team lost two coaches in the past several months, as former RB Coach Ra'Shaad Samples hired on with Arizona State University, while former RB Coach Thomas Brown was hired by the Carolina Panthers to fill their vacant Offensive Coordinator role.

The LA Rams wanted to land someone who has an accomplished track record at the position, but also a coach who has strong communications skills, can develop players from raw athletes to disciplined professional football players, and who can do so with minimal direct oversight.

Well, per San Diego Union-Tribune's Kirk Kenney, the Rams may have made their choice. The LA Rams rumors are that just hired San Diego State Associate Head Coach/Running Backs Coach Ron Gould has been hired by the LA Rams. The move was also reported by NFL Insider Aaron Wilson as well:

The hire occurs after the Rams rumors linked the team to both Texas Longhorns Coach Tashard Choice and UCLA Bruins Coach Deshaun Foster. So the question is, is this a good hire for the LA Rams?

Tidbit III: His longevity is amazing

Imagine the value of hiring a Running Backs coach who has excelled at being a Running Backs coach for the past 32 years. Would you question his aspirations? Or would you conclude that this coach simply found a role that he loved to do and stuck with it? In the case of soon-to-be-hired LA Rams RB Coach Ron Gould, it's more of the latter.

He has touched the lives of many NFL running backs who have come and gone, including former LA Rams RB C.J. Anderson, and Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch. This is not a coach who studies the NFL greats. Rather, he has coached the NFL greats in his career.

Ron Gould has benefited from NFL internships with a number of teams, including the: Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams.

Tidbit II: He has coached on West Coast for 30 years

Life on the West Coast is different than in other parts of the country. In some ways, it's more casual and laid back. In other ways, it's a bit off-the-grid, as the time zone and physical distances from the hotspots on the East Coast can create a bit of an eddy-behind-the-rock in terms of recognition and headlining news coverage.

Ron Gould has not just flourished on the West Coast, but as a successful NCAA coach he has been very successful in persuading some of the nation's best and brightest football talents into playing there as well.

My philosophy as a coach is to create an environment where each and every young man can optimize their potential in the classroom, in the community, and on the field. We achieve this together through trust, accountability, structure, discipline, and hard work." - Ron Gould as per his UC Davis head coach profile.

Tidbit I: He was touted as best RB coach in 2010, and he's gotten better

In an August 27, 2010 article entitled "Is Ron Gould the Best Running Backs Coach in the Country?" - Bleacher Report writer Steven Resnick made a compelling case for Ron Gould to be considered the best RB coach. At the time, he was entering his 14th season as RB Coach for the California Golden Bears. His article covered all of the running backs he coached, including Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch and Detroit Lions Jahvid Best.

He would go on to coach two more seasons with California before assuming a head coaching role at UC Davis. Following that, he would return to the PAC-12 as a RB Coach for Stanford University. He would leave Stanford and hire on with San Diego State for several months before being tapped as the LA Rams new RB coach.

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The LA Rams certainly aimed high for their RB Coach, and I can honestly say that I am quite excited to see how Ron Gould's presence on the LA Rams coaching staff shapes the team's running game and running backs going forward. He brings a huge history of coaching some of the best RBs in the game.