NFL Rumors: DB Jalen Ramsey issues stern warning as Rams rumors continue

Jalen Ramsey
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As the NFL Rumors over the future of defensive back Jalen Ramsey continue to propagate, heat up, and attract more and more attention, the LA Rams fans remain a bit confused and frustrated. The LA Rams, while in need of creating salary cap space once more, are quite familiar with this annual ritual. And the Rams fans know this, having sweated it out with the team in the past, when the need to get under the NFL salary cap was a lot more intimidating than this year.

But this year's efforts to shed salary cap space have taken a dark turn quite quickly. In the past, the LA Rams would rather restructure contracts than release players. But starting mid-season in 2022, the LA Rams have embraced the 'release' option for players. And now, there appears to be an addiction to do so.

The Rams have already released veteran ILB Bobby Wagner. Now, the LA Rams are rumored to be fielding calls to trade All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey. One NFL insider suggests that the trade option is at Ramsey's request, as he is not particularly interested in participating in an NFL rebuild. Of course, that type of speculation is not confirmed, nor do I expect it to ever be. The reasons why are far less important to how this situation plays out.

Is this Raheem Morris, or something deeper?

We know that the Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris has not exactly won fans over, despite being the first defensive coordinator to help the LA Rams hoist a Lombardi Trophy skywards in the city of Los Angeles, California. But his defense has, ironically, been built upon the stars added in the past to the specifications of other defensive coordinators.

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To make matters worse, former Rams great quarterback Jim Everett has come out and publicly questioned the misuse of defensive back Jalen Ramsey in the LA Rams defense. Now, the reasons for the Rams doing so were apparent in the Divisional Round of the 2020-21 NFL Playoffs, when the Green Bay Packers offense relentlessly attacked the middle of Brandon Staley's defense, and the Rams' Top-Ranked NFL defense was powerless to stop it.