NFL Rumors: DB Jalen Ramsey issues stern warning as Rams rumors continue

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Ramsey's misuse has led to fielding trade calls.

The LA Rams' defense wanted to get the optimal impact out of Jalen Ramsey. But not everyone has been on board with the way the team has deployed him of late. It has become such a controversial topic that Rams great QB Jim Everett weighed in, and called out the Rams for misusing Jalen Ramsey on the defense. The truth is that Everett appears to be correct.

The Rams need to clear salary cap space, and the team appears willing to listen to inquiries over a possible trade for Rams All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey for the time being. Some have suggested that the Rams were frustrated on and off the football field in 2022, as the team struggled to stay healthy, was frustrated trying to find success against healthier opponents, and completely discouraged to find that the front office no longer had enough currency to lure other NFL teams to the trade table in order to bolster the Rams roster.

Rams Rumors spread into unconfirmed causes

Of course, the Rams rumors over the trade of an All-Pro defensive back have prompted conjecture over why the Rams are fielding calls. And if you are interested, you can run some simple Google queries to determine what those might be. Out of respect for Jalen's Ramsey wishes, I'll leave that up to you to investigate.

The LA Rams may simply be coming to the end of their NFL Playoffs cycle. For the first five years of head coach Sean McVay's tenure, the Rams have enjoyed incredible success. But 2022 clearly marked the end to the Rams consecutive winning seasons. Perhaps even more damning, the Rams front office that the competition has grown too numerous and effective to employ the same strategy to restock the Rams roster.

And so, the LA Rams are pivoting to a new strategy. Will the Rams find an equal level of success in this chapter? Perhaps. The first day of the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine was quite thrilling, and the likelihood of the Rams draft landing multiple starters appears more and more likely. If the Rams are able to land more draft picks by trading veteran DB Jalen Ramsey, that likelihood of adding starters in this draft increases significantly.

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The LA Rams may or may not be chasing a berth in the 2023-24 NFL Playoffs, but one thing is certain. The road to the post-season is one that the Rams have not traveled before.