NFL Rumors: ESPN Insider touts LA Rams offloading veterans

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Must rebuild the foundation of the Rams roster now

So why are the LA Rams divesting from an ideal situation with a shutdown NFL cornerback? The LA Rams acquired DB Jalen Ramsey in the middle of the 2019 NFL season with an eye on adding a defensive back who could cover in man as well as zone coverage. And with a supporting cast of Darious Williams, Troy Hill, Eric Weddle, John Johnson III, and Jordan Fuller in the same secondary, it was an impressive and effective secondary. But the Rams are down to just Fuller, and his inability to stay healthy has opened the door to questions about his roster spot. The LA Rams solid secondary needs a makeover, and it's just one of the groups that crumbled in 2022.

The LA Rams are hitting the pause button on the pursuit of the NFL Playoffs, instead focusing on repairing the team's infrastructure, depth, and foundational pieces. The Rams front office continued to add NFL Playoffs type of veterans, but the Rams roster, the foundational groups like the offensive line, the secondary, and the overall Rams depth, were unable to support the team's post-season hopes. The 2022 NFL season was inevitable.

Rams strategy could be better than you think

So, as LA Rams GM Les Snead suggested that the team needed to 'pay a little of the debt' that it had amassed over the years, he was cluing everyone in on the Rams' willingness to pause their frantic pace in 2023. After all, the Seattle Seahawks did so in 2022 and actually became an NFL Playoff team amidst their rebuild. So why not the Rams?

If you wonder why the LA Rams are taking a slower more-future-oriented approach this off-season, check out the NFC West Division. The Arizona Cardinals have just hired a new head coach and are likely to be rebuilding. The Seattle Seahawks, a team that was quite fortunate with a last-place team schedule in 2022, must now compete on a second-place schedule. And the San Francisco 49ers appear to be a team on the brink of their own rebuild. Not only is the 49ers' offense a complete question mark at their quarterback position, but the loss of DC DeMeco Ryans to become the HC of the Houston Texans creates serious competition in the NFL Free Agency market for their veteran players.

In short, the NFC West is wide open to the team that can make the fastest 'pit stop' in terms of recharging their roster, swapping out players, and then getting back into the heat of the race for an NFL Playoff berth. Even if the Rams trade Jalen Ramsey, and Allen Robinson, and part ways with other players, the 2023 NFL Draft has the type of talent that could be a gold mine for the Rams' front office. No, the LA Rams scouting department has not suddenly turned inept. The Rams coaching staff has been cannibalized and the 2022 coaching staff was stitched together quickly and without the usual intricate assembly of staff whose forte was developing young talent.

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I believe that the Rams will return to the playoffs in 2023. But don't fall too in love with any players or rookie prospects. I think that the LA Rams could be at the cusp of a significant number of roster moves. The best advice is to withhold judgement until the final Rams roster is assembled.